Garcinia Cambogia Dietary Supplement

Overweighting is becoming a bigger problem, not only in America, but also in our society. In fact, according to the most recent figures, as many as 50.3% of adults are overweight and 12.1% of children. These figures are alarmingly high. It is therefore not surprising that we are always looking for ways to get rid of these surplus pounds. In general, countless ways pass by during our attempts to achieve this. Think of crash diets, running , sauna ' s to conceive, and there are still some ways. The problem is often that these methods do not work in the long run and we therefore have to look again for a way to reach our target weight.

Because diet books often no longer enjoy the popularity after many failed attempts, we now see more and more so-called wonder remedies appearing on the market. In most cases it is obvious that the panacea is often nothing more than advertising, but sometimes you come across something that is more than just big words. Garcinia Cambogia is exactly that. Garcinia Cambogia was first made popular in the Dr. Oz show. Because the supplement was promoted as very effective for weight loss, the product was soon sold out everywhere. In the end Dr. Oz, however, sued for his false claims about, among other things, ...  Garcinia Cambogia . So what is truth? I want to go into that more deeply today. In this article I explain exactly what Garcinia Cambogia is, what it is not and what you can expect from it!

What is Garcinia Cambogia actually?

Garcinia Cambogia actually consists of an extract that is made from a fruit that you can find in Asia. What makes this plant so special, you ask? Garcinia Cambogia contains the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. The reason why the plant is so popular is because it is claimed, as is the case with so many waste products, that it counteracts fat digestion and reduces your feelings of hunger. Even more specifically, it stops a certain enzyme called citrate lyase, this enzyme is responsible for converting excess carbohydrates into fat. Also noteworthy is the hunger-suppressing effect. After all, the less hunger you have, the more you can lose weight , or the easier in any case. It is claimed that this effect is achieved by means of a higher production of serotonin.

The proof for Garcinia Cambogia

The problem behind such claims is often that they are based on anecdotal evidence. It is not very often that specific studies are done on foods and their effect on health. So if you search for Garcinia Cambogia or even the  active ingredients , few scientific studies appear. In itself there is nothing wrong with anecdotal evidence, because in special cases it can certainly be helpful. In this case, however, the subject is too sensitive. When you try to lose weight, there are countless factors that play a role. The fact that you achieve an effect with the help of a supplement does not really say much, because there is enough evidence that the placebo effect can also make you more motivated to make other adjustments to your lifestyle, which can again provide the same effect .

If you start by browsing through the few studies that are available, you will soon find disappointing evidence. In 1998, a study was already conducted and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It concluded that no effect was experienced by people who took the supplement. Does that mean it does not work at all? Not necessarily! Some research carried out on rats did, however, yield a positive result. It turned out that rats that received a specific extract from the plant accumulated less fat in the aorta and also  reduced cholesterol . Another study was positive. This research has shown that rats increased less in weight to build up less visceral fat.

Garcinia Cambogia: Still effective?

Despite the negative results of the above studies, there was one researcher who believed that Garcinia Cambogia still carries promise. Harry Preuss, a researcher at the University of Georgia, continued to conduct research with the extract despite the fact that the popularity had already declined. Preuss was of the opinion that Garcinia was effective as long as you took it in the right dose. He continued to conduct studies mainly because he felt that the previous studies could not provide a clear conclusion because they were always performed at the same dose.

In addition, he also came to the conclusion that the correct form of the extract had to be taken. Most studies, and most products, use a specific citrate (the extract itself), while Preuss assumed that the citrate had to be mixed with calcium, magnesium and potassium salts. Thus the extract could be better absorbed by the body and thus better reach the destination. According to him, the most effective supplement is a combination of exctract with calcium and potassium sugars.


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